Taking part in SECURITY EXPO you will:

  • expand your business by matchmaking with partners and meetings with buyers, especially from the Balkans and Eastern Europe
  • receive updated information on the latest trends and raise your awareness in the sector
  • showcase to the institutions opportunities currently provided by the security sector, in order to promote global economic development
  • present to the business experts attending the exhibition the new features and advantages of the latest technological solutions
  • take the opportunity to organize and participate in professional forums and discussions on the sector progress and solving specific problems
  • meet with competitors will stimulate new ideas for development


Visitors’ profile



Exhibitors: 46 from 10 countries
Subexhibitors: 140
Area: 3000 sq. m.

Over 8,000 specialists from Bulgaria and 13 other countries, including: England, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic.

And more:

95% of respondents declare they will re-visit the exhibition in 2016

69.7% of visitors described the event and seminar program as being useful


Exhibitors: 46
Subexhibitors: 140
Area: 3000 sq. m.


Over 5,000 specialists from Bulgaria and 23 other countries, including: Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Italy, China, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine Hungary, the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

And more:

61%  of visitors fall within the category of "decision-makers"

15%  higher attendance compared to 2013

50%  increase of product presentations in comparison with 2013

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