6 Мarch 2019



Within the only security and high-technology SECURITY EXPO in Bulgaria, 6-9 March




 The event is with paid registration- 50 lv for early bird and 70 lv for registration at the conference day, exhibitors of SECURITY EXPO use 50% discount.

>>  Organizer:

Inter Expo Center in partnership with ACFE, Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies 


>>  What is the event about? 

It is about affordable and secure on-line payments – card, on-line, mobile payments – interbank payment security, transaction monitoring, hacker attack detection solutions, cyber security, countering on-line crime amounting to millions


>>  Who is the event for? 

It is for managers and company owners making on-line transactions, merchants; banks, security and data protection specialists in the banking sector; owners of fintech companies that offer an alternative to and new solutions for the banking and non-banking sectors; consultants who develop applications and new systems for 3D recognition, data monitoring, hacker attack detection and prevention; anti-fraud experts, information and cyber security experts, mobile operators


>>  Our goal

According to the World Payments Report, the global non-cash transactions exceed EUR 482 billion and are expected to increase by nearly 13% over the 2016 - 2021 period. The highest average growth of 21% is expected to be in the developing countries. The higher share of cardless payments is directly linked to the corruption index, the report said. Cardless payments have a comparatively a small share in Bulgaria at the moment.

More than half of the transactions (over 200 million a year) are via an ATM, followed by the POS terminal transaction, while on-line and mobile payments have an insignificant share. The trend in Europe is inverse. One reason is the lack of accessibility and convenience. The idea is to make the topic more accessible and understandable, and payments – cardless, online and mobile – to be safer.

This is the most important goal of the second edition of the SECURITY IN DIGITAL PAYMENTS Conference, which will be held on 6 March within the framework of the only security and high-technolgy SECURITY EXPO in Bulgaria (6-9 March). 


>>  The key topics

The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), which will enter into force in September, will require banks to open up their systems to facilitate their customers to make payments.

How will the Bulgarian customer experience the changes?

  • Will on-line and mobile payments be accelerated?
  • What will the criteria for third-party players be to enter the banking market, will the new fintech companies replace the current players in the financial sector?
  • An alternative to banks or healthy competition?
  • Will payments become more secure? Dozens of companies go bankrupt today as a result of after financial fraud and illegal withdrawal from accounts. How is fraud revealed, what are the solutions to prevent the theft of money from bank accounts in a timely manner? The fintech industry is moving faster than sector regulations. How are accounts for billions protected on the Internet?


>>  First session

Reforms in the banking sector and card payments

What are the new requirements banks will meet, the challenges that will affect the Bulgarian banking sector? Are banks ready for the new challenges that allow new players to transact, to work as banks? What solutions will they offer for the increase of card payments and to remain competitive on the market? The goal is first and foremost to make data more secure and protected.


>>  Second session

More affordable on-line payments, not only for utilities; possibilities for mobile payments development in Bulgaria

Growth in demand, new customer mentality or ease of payment; the new challenges for on-line payments. What are businesses looking for, what are the new security guarantees, what is the customer missing, are on-line payment companies in competition with banks, or will they be partners after the PSD2 enters in force and effect?

What are the prospects for mobile payments, what solutions can stimulate them, and what solutions are being developed to make them more accessible and more secure?


>>  Third Session

The specific solutions of software companies, consultants and intermediaries

The business solutions of banks; data are the new oil; the only advantage over fintech companies.  What solutions are offered by consultants – new applications, new on-line products for 3D recognition, electronic signature, hacker attack and fraud detection, combating on-line crime.


>>  Program

9.30  - 10.00   Registration  Musala Hall, 2 Floor
10.00 - 11.00  Opening  
10.00  – 10.10 

Vladimir Ikonomov,

Chairman of ACFE, Bulgaria – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


PSD2, emergence of new players on the banking market, security challenges and risks


10.10  – 10.25 

Svetlin Lazarov,

General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (DGCOC), Ministry of Interior


On-line security, security of payments, what are the specifics of the fight against crime on the Internet and how many large cases of fraud have been resolved, how are hacker attacks increasing in recent years


10.25  – 10.40 

Filip Mutafis,

Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM)


The issues businesses are facing and their dependence on payment security


10.40 – 10.55

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov,

Member of the Board of Directors of Evrotrust Technologies



How electronic identification drives electronic payments and how can we have  customer digital onboarding compliant with the law



Ralitsa Miteva, 

Business Solutions Manager for Fraud Detection, OneSpan


Overcoming digital banking challenges through intelligent fraud prevention



Кафе пауза

11.25 – 11.40 

 Krassimir Krastev,

Payment Supervision Directorate, Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)




New providers on the payment services market. Security requirements introduced by PSD2 when providing payment services

11.40  – 11.55 

 Lachezar Venkov,

Director of Digital Banking, First Investment Bank



The use of a software token in PSD2, dynamic linking, dynamic 3D password

11.55 – 12.10

 Vladislav Venev,

Information Security and Data Protection Sector at Raiffeisenbank



Online fraud prevention tools. Examples of solutions to specific cases from the European practice

12.10 – 12.25 

Radoslav Dimitrov,

Director of Cards and Terminals Directorate, BORICA


Secure mobile payments

12.25  – 12.40


Martin Bogdanov,

managing director, Paysera Bulgaria




Payment security challenges risks; what is the user getting – a better service or more uncertainty


Goran Angelov, owner of IBS



The business solutions of banks; data are the new oil; the only advantage over fintech companies. 



13. 20  - 14.10 Lunch break  

Dimitar Toshev, moderator

Senior Fraud Prevention specialist, PAYSAFE GROUP

14.10  – 14.25

Asen Taskov, Head of Information Security, PAYSAFE GROUP




What are businesses looking for, what are the new security guarantees, what is the customer missing, competition with banks or partners after the PSD2 enters in force and effect?

14.25  – 14. 40  


Svetlin Dobrev,

Co-founder NOTO 



How to choose fraud solution

14.40 – 15.10

Valeri Valchev, President of Bulgarian Fintech Association, Paynetics founder

Konstantin Djelebov, CEO and Co-founder, Phyre application


The Phyre working application – Managing your bank account from anywhere in the EU

15.10 – 15. 20