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ATOMTEX is the leading research and manufacturing centre of the Republic of Belarus and one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear measurements and radiation monitoring, delivering products to 80 countries of the world.

ATOMTEX was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of Minsk Scientific and Research Instrument-Making Institute. ATOMTEX team is based on highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the field of nuclear instrumentation acquired in this reputable research centre.

Proprietary high-precision and multifunctional metrological infrastructure, promotion of innovative ideas and advanced technologies, as well as orientation to international standards – all this helps us to create state-of-the-art products of high scientific and technological level.

Product range now includes more than 100 items: dosimeters, radiation monitors, spectrometers, equipment for radiation scanning of areas and facilities, stationary spectrometers and activity monitors, surface contamination monitors, whole body counters, radiation monitoring systems, equipment for verification and calibration, smart probes.

AT1117M Radiation Monitor, AT1321 and AT6102 Spectrometers, AT2327 Alarm Dosimeter, AT6103 Mobile Radiation Scanning System are highly demanded products in the field of security. AT6101C Spectrometer is used all over the world by security departments to prevent illegal traffic of radioactive sources and nuclear materials, and has repeatedly been named the best in its class.


+ 375 17-2928142
+ 375 17-2928142