Bulgaria 1712 Sofia, Mladost-3, Building 301, entr.2, ет.2, fl.10
D 5

Subject of activity:

Scientifically-research activity; manufacturing, import – export and sale of dosimetric equipment for radiation monitoring:

• Automated Information Systems for Radiation Monitoring;

• Unmanned Aircraft Systems (BAS) for radiation intelligence, aerogamma scanning, spectrometry and mapping;

• Professional - personal dosimeters;

• Radiometers, spectrometers, etc .;

• Portal monitors for radiation control of cars, trucks, cars, passengers and luggage;

• Panoramic dosimeters for direct information to the public about the radiological situation.

Major customers:

Agency of nuclear regulation, NPP”Kozloduy”, Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection, National center of radiology and radiation protection, National center of oncology, Nucleus institute to BAS, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy, Bulgarian National Bank, Ministry of Interior, most Bulgarian municipalities, airports, customs departments, hospitals and many others.


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