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ACTIVITY: Production, import, sale and distribution, installation and maintenance of fire equipment.

  • portable, trolley, ceiling and automatic fire extinguishers
  • fire doors and accessories
  • fire cabinets, fire tools stations
  • fire hoses and fire hydrant systems / valves, hydrants, connectors and adaptors/
  • extinguishing systems / sprinkler, gas, powder, aerosol - design, installation and maintenance/
  • components for fire extinguishing systems / sprinklers, fittings , flexible connections, valves and etc. /
  • fire detection and alarm systems /design,installation and maintenance/
  • professional fire fighting clothing and equipment
  • equipment for fire and emergency vehicles
  • fire and heat-protective fabric and clothing, fire blankets
  • fire safety – customers’ consulting
  • emergency lighting, indicative and attention signs



- "MOBIAK" SA - Greece - Exclusive representative for Bulgaria, "MOBIAK" SA is among the largest european manufacturers of fire equipment,  full range of fire extinguishers, fire fittings and accessories.

- "Tyco Fire Protection Products" - Official trade representative.

- "ZAHAS" sro - Czech Republic - Official distributor. Manufacturer of professional fire fighting equipment and clothing.

- "JUTEC" GmbH - Germany - Official distributor. Manufacturer of heat-protective fabrics and clothing products for work  protection, thermal insulation, property protection solutions.

- Trade partner of leading European companies in the field of firefighting equipment.


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