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More than 11 years we offer combined solutions for video surveillance and security systems. We maintain more than 14,000 cameras across the country of over 3,000 customers. Our strategy in recent years is related to the development of a network of offices to allow our specialists to be closer to customers.

NRJ Soft Ltd  offers you a reliable and quality video surveillance service including:

  • 24 hours CCTV;
  • 24 hour hotline for online technical support
  • Remote maintenance of the installed equipment (we solve more than 70% of the problems before the customer noticed them);
  • Warranty and after warranty maintenance of the installed equipment;
  • Integrate software to check your system's status. This software notifies us when any problem occurs;
  • Innovative Analytical Functions;
  • Integration with an access control system.


The company has its own system for access control and time reporting NRJ Access:


  • Different modules according to customer needs;
  • Personalization capability;
  • Control and report for working hours, attendance and delays of employees;
  • Entry only for authorized persons
  • Interactive visualization of the employees;
  • Identification, control and restriction of access to certain zones within defined time intervals;
  • Form 76 / Form 19;
  • Unlimited number of users and control points
  • Archive of registered events and report for past records;
  • Report for/ appearance / non appearance/missions of employees;
  • NRJ Access can be successfully connected with existing security systems such as, Security system, video surveillance, fire protection system.

NRJ Soft  is a distributor of the Turkish manufacturer Actuel, it also offers its own automated parking systems and solutions:


  • Tourniquets;
  • Payment columns;
  • Barriers;
  • Card issuance module Dispenser - incoming terminal;
  • Card Acceptance Module Acceptor - Outbound Terminal;
  • Automatic payment verification, validation and payment module - "PayStation" - works with banknotes and coins.
  • Swing doors.


Cloud-based NRJ LPR Software for Recognition of Registration Numbers:


  • List of registered recognized numbers in the database with an adjacent image, with the ability to search and filter by different time, node, and other criteria.
  • Average speed between 2 points, over speeding;
  • Reports on different metricsКарта с маркери на местоположението на видеокамерите;
  • Redefined lists (Black / White) to add vehicle registration numbers and receive notifications;
  • Support multiple accounts and different administrative access privileges;
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS;
  • Web based interface, installation versions for Windows;
  • Module for analytical functions for automatic reporting of parking stays in parking lots, gas stations, carwashes, etc.

Our mission:


  • Our goal is to increase the safety of your business at work or the security of your home.
  • We know how valuable your time is, so we strive to fulfill as quickly as possible the responsibilities we have for you;
  • Get professional advice, estimate your needs, we perform inspections and offer personalized solutions for video surveillance(CCTV) and security systems.



We do not stop developing and learning from the changing environment and this allows us to offer the latest and most competitive solutions in our sphere. The regular participation of our company in exhibitions at home and abroad ensures that innovation for us is not just a word but a business strategy.

The company develops new systems related to the latest technology (Internet of things IoT), part of which is the innovative wireless sensing network based on LoRa technology and LoRa Wan's definition of the communication protocol and the system architecture of the network. We create private wireless sensor networks that allow long-distance communications at low bandwidth, such as battery-powered sensors.


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