The regulatory framework for the security industry under discussion at SECURITY EXPO 2018

Well-recognized as a central platform for security, safety, fire alarm and cyber security, the SECURUTY EXPO forum offers the experts a wealth of opportunities to develop their business, contacts and knowledge. Taking place from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center, on the third day of March 9, the well-approved exhibition offers the opportunity for the professionals to discuss the legal framework for the security sector.

Organized by the National Association of Industrial Security Companies (NAFTSO), within the framework of the accompanying  program of SECURUTY EXPO 2018, there will be held a National Meeting of the companies working in the security sector in order to discuss the new Law on Private Security Business.

New types of private security business

Among the topics addressed by the lawyer Natalia Katsarova were the new types of private security activities - signal-security, security of drinking establishments, halls, security of urban territories and agricultural property.

"Only adult natural persons, having proper capacity that is a subject to adequate security, or his legal representative may act as an assigner," Mrs.Katsarova commented on the issue of personal security. The newly introduced "Protection of Urban Areas" was also presented. The contracting authority may be the mayor of the municipality, within the boundaries of which the settlement territory is situated, covered by the boundaries of the settlement or the settlement formation, determined by a development plan. Attention was also paid to the security of drinking and entertainment activities, as well as to the security-related activities.

SECURITY EXPO 2018 is held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center in parallel with the Bulgarian Building Week Exhibition. From 7th to 9th March, the exhibition doors will be open from 10:00 to 18:00, and on 10th March - until 16:00.