Solutions for ATM prevention from Cash trapping and BlackBox attacks

Eurosecurity Ltd offers products for ATM prevention from gas attacks, solid explosives attacks, cash trapping, skimming and shimming devices, BlackBox attacks, physical attacks.

The company offers products dedicated to the secure cash transportation as well as information consulting and trainings. 

GPU v.4 - The GPU (Gas Protection Unit) is a unique and reliable solution, specifically developed to combat the threat of today’s and tomorrow’s ATM Gas Attack scenarios. The system differs from all other available solutions by its extremely fast gas detection and the use of innovative techniques to render the combustible gas ineffective. GPU’s Detection Module contains a highly accurate gas sensor that detects any injected combustible gas within a few seconds. Upon detection, the central intelligent Controller Module activates the unique Protection Module and other integrated alarm and monitoring systems. The Protection Module itself renders the dangerous gas ineffective. Thanks to the unique combination of innovative techniques, GPU offers maximum protection against gas attacks. The active protection window is unlimited.

Double shutter - The double shutter feature offers a unique way to radically prevent introduction of Gas, Solid Explosive materials or cash trapping in the safe.

The device is synchronized to the shutter and in case of illegal opening or breaking of the shutter, the guillotine blade remains blocked in its closed position. The entire device is non-removable, non-extractable thanks to its robust anchorage inside the safe. Multi ATM vendor compatibility. Mobile barrier synchronized with frontal shutter opening/closure to block introduction of foreign objects like solid explosive, gas inflating pipes and triggers into ATM safe during banknotes transit. The device is developed with manufactures of Diebold. Wincor Nixdorf and NCR. Equipped with intelligent electronic board. Equipped with sensors able to detect forcing attacks to frontal shutter and to close drop-lock barrier in closed position to inhibit access to ATM safe. Programmable time slots. Double shutter offers unlimited time protection.

OCSD – Outside Cassette Staining Device, offers protection against physical attacks to ATMs

The system automatically arms and disarms through the legitimate opening and closing of the ATM door. No additional keys or codes are required. Totally autonomous and designed to protect money at the ATM. The sensors located inside the safe are connected to the injection system control board. The Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System (IBNS) security concept is based on the simple idea of removing the rewards of crime by making the stolen items of no value. Cash should not fall into the hands of criminals, but if it does it should be rendered valueless. The most common way of doing this is to stain the notes with an indelible security ink. To make the banknotes truly valueless, it is essential that the ink dyes the notes to such an extent that the public can easily identify them as stolen. It is also essential that the notes cannot be cleaned and that the ink is truly indelible. For each offense, the criminals is the amount of the amount that can be stolen. When attacking the ATM, the OCSD staining the banknotes in the cassettes and the money can not be sold. The main goal: “No rewards for the criminals!”

ICSD – In-Cassette Staining Device. The system is activated in every case of physical attack, solid explosive attack or ATM gas attack.

During the development of the ICSD there were conducted extensive testing, both on-site as in ballistic arenas. Naturally, the ISCD is EMC and VdS approved and all components have the CE conformity marking. After thorough study of the problems associated with accidental activations of staining systems, engineers from Oberthur Cash Protection developed a Cassette Locker. The device completely eliminates the risk of accidental activation. This OCP-patented technology, based on a combination of rare-earth elements, offers an unlimited number of codes. These elements are extremely stable over time and do not react to any chemical or mechanical actions. They are detected and authenticated by standard equipment using the working methods already found in police science laboratories. Available for NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Hyosung, Glory, GRG, Oki cassettes, etc. Multi-currency compatibility. Simple and reliable operation. Modular design that enables easy extension / integration of cassettes. No irreversible alteration of the cassette. Rapid installation.

Cassette Locker

Available as an option, the Cassette Locker is used to block access to the cassettes if they are not disarmed, offering the user and operator maximum security. It also prevents accidental arming of cassettes outside the ATM.

ANTI-skimming / shimming devices

The device successfully protects ATMs from scrambling devices attached to the fascia in front of the card reader as well as shimmers and skimmers placed inside the ATM card reader. The device protects the ATMs additionally from Eavesdropping Attack, Black Box Attack, Card Trapping.


CIT products

CC Collect - The CC Collect was designed for multiple collections. The unique deposit system can accept up to 350 banknotes per collection. The container can be configured and customized according to the number of deposits, openings, time intervals, and other settings chosen by the client. The CC Collect is part of a range of CC products including a series of common accessories. The CC Collect’s high level of security is certified by the ANPI.

CCL (Cash Carrier Light) boxes - Last innovation of Oberthure Cash Protection  dedicated to the secure cash transportation by ink staining, the CCL (Cash Carrier Light) series completes the proven range of the Cash Carrier. Combining lightness and robustness, CCL range has been developed for markets with a need for an effective and affordable secured Cash in Transit solution. The CCL  offers an exceptional flexibility in managing different applications and processes with remote access capabilities. The CCL has been designed to eliminate pavement risk by CIT (End to End, Cross pavement) for the protection of both valuables and staff during transport.

Eurosecurity Ltd offers information consulting

Eurosecurity Ltd offers packages with services related to the selection of correct contractors. Information consultancy on financial situations of companies, with an opportunity for opinion on the risk of contracting. Deepening corporate indebtedness increasingly closes the vicious circle around the difficult collection of receivables. The frequent difficulties in achieving rapid and efficient collections hamper companies and cause so-called "chain indebtedness". In this case, the impossibility of a creditor to realize his receivables turns him into a debtor who is not paid to his creditors. The negative effect of all this leads to a number of court cases that make it difficult for them to be considered and resolved within a reasonable time. The main objective of Eurosecurity Ltd is prevention! The company provides timely information about new risks arising with your counterparties as well as future risks.


The main factor for the successful development of a company is the staff. Proper selection of employees prevents future mistakes, problems and situations where a company would not want to fall. The image of the company is built slowly and with many compromises. Every step in the wrong direction is detrimental to any respected company. A good approach in this direction is the transfer of responsibility for recruiting staff to professionals to clarify further details about job candidates. Oyiroseurity Ltd is a partner you can rely on to help you choose your future successful colleagues. The main goal of our team is to let you do what you can best, while relying on us to keep you from making mistakes.

Eurosecurity Ltd offers trainings

  • Phishing attacks, types and methods of fraud prevention
  • Types of mules, recognition, anti-fraud prevention
  • ATMs, types of anti-skimming devices. Good practices.
  • Skimming devices, types, recognition, response and prevention.
  • Shimmers, types of recognition, reaction and prevention
  • E-mail correspondence. Tools for fraud and fraud prevention. Capture e-business correspondence
  • Fake businesses, types of fraud and prevention. Documentary Fraud.
  • Internet Banking. Good Fraud Prevention Practices.
  • Mobile devices, convenience, additional protection and disadvantages.


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