Time-lapse videos – from the sod cutting to the roof installation

Speaking of video shooting, you must surely have heard about the term time-lapse. What is it and how has NRJ Soft managed to make it useful for your and your business? The answers to these questions await you.

Time-lapse is a technology that captures a large number of frames, which are afterwards merged into a high-speed video. It is most often used to track events which take days or even months. For example, tracking the sun from sunrise to sunset. The whole procedure of capturing takes about 10 hours, but after the editing, the video can last just seconds. This way we can manipulate time and witness unique things within just a few minutes.

NRJ Soft are also professionals in the video surveillance systems. Their goal is to offer the best and most innovative possible services to their clients. We have been witnessing a great increase in the techniques and applications of video capture. To meet their customers’ needs, they always offer accurate solutions tailored to their customers’ requirements.

Unique solution in construction

One of NRJ Soft's latest projects is capturing time-lapse videos that would be beneficial in numerous areas of activity. One of them is definitely the construction. Let's imagine how within a few minutes we can see several years of tireless work and how a building is erected as if out of nothing. It sounds really intriguing to be able to show current and prospective customers how a building, enterprise, or warehouse is being constructed.

By mounting cameras that track the construction process, NRJ Soft adds something else too. Frames are recorded at different intervals of time, which are later merged into a fast-speed video. The best thing is that the customer does not even have to buy the equipment. The equipment will be installed for the time necessary, and the payment will only be for the time it would take to be there for the services in question.

Surveillance camera videos – straight to YouTube

A CCTV video surveillance system which allows live YouTube streaming of footage from the building site. Here we help all those interested in the construction site to see live how construction works are carried out at the building site and what the progress is. The client receives a complex and multi-layer service. Not only do we please the customer, but also all potential investors.

The company is developing new systems related to the latest technology (Internet of things (IoT)), part of which is the innovative wireless network of sensors based on the LoRa technology and the definition of the communication protocol and system architecture of the network via LoRa WAN. Our company builds private wireless sensor networks that allow long-distance communications at low transmission frequencies, such as through battery-powered sensors.

NRJ Soft has been offering combined video surveillance and security solutions for over 11 years now. The company has its own access control and work time monitoring and reporting system – NRJ Access.

You will be able to test all successful NRJ Soft solutions live in Hall 5, Stand B5 during SECURITY EXPO 2019.