The End-to-End Security Concept by Konica Minolta


Within Security Expo 2019, Konica Minolta Bulgaria will present its MOBOTIX-based smart security solutions. The company portfolio in this field includes a number of comprehensive solutions based on both hardware and software products.


Some of the distinctive features of MOBOTIX cameras, which will be demonstrated at Konica Minolta’s stand, include:

  • High-quality image

All MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with Moonlight 6MP image sensors and offer exceptional image details.

  • Decentralized concept

MOBOTIX cameras are completely standalone systems.

  • Semi-spherical technology

A single semi-spherical camera provides perfect view of the perimeter without blind spots.

  • Cybersecurity

MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with a solution which significantly exceeds the industry standard by providing an encrypted end-to-end security concept.

  • Quality, sustainability and environmental friendliness

All MOBOTIX cameras are manufactured in Germany, including the design, development, production and quality testing.

  • Thermal cameras

Thermal sensors do not need light for image generation, which is why detecting people and objects in complete darkness is no longer a problem.


The software solutions which will be demonstrated during the exhibition include:


- Face Recognition

Integration between MOBOTIX cameras and the analytical face recognition software developed by Herta. This type of solutions have a wide application in various areas which require strict access control.


- Milestone VMS

Integration with one of the leaders in the field of video system management software.


- Data Protection

A software video-analytical solution based on MOBOTIX cameras. The application allows masking (pixelation) of moving objects (people, vehicles), thus hiding their individual features and guaranteeing anonymity, which also makes it GDPR-compatible.


- STROPS AVS camera system

A completely autonomous product based on MOBOTIX technologies, designed mainly for surveillance outdoors, in hard-to-access zones and in the absence of infrastructure. The built-in battery and 4G LTE modem allow installation and connectivity even in the absence of power supply and IP network. Thus, the product can provide smart video surveillance in areas where there are no conditions for constructing conventional surveillance systems.


Find out more about all benefits of the products offered by Konica Minolta Bulgaria in Hall 5, Stand B4.