Trends in the Security and Safety sectors - in the focus of SECURITY EXPO 2018

The International Exhibition will be held from 7 to 10 March

Ensuring security and safety is a top priority for any state, company, public and private institution, organization. The 25th International Exhibition SECURITY EXPO 2018 will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior. It is organized by the partners Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Inter Expo Center.

The applications for forum entries have started and the companies are already applying for participation. SECURITY EXPO this year was visited by over 8500 specialists. The event provided a platform for direct contact between participating companies as well as for professionals from over 20 countries.

Interactivity and looking into the future

Interactivity and the possibility of "looking into the future" are the objectives set by the organizers of SECURITY EXPO for each edition.

The exhibition enables industry representatives to come together under one roof, covering all aspects of the Security and Safety Sectors. This enables companies in the security sector to be in line with current trends, to look into the future, find the right business partners, and get acquainted with the latest technical innovations in the field of biometric and anti-terrorism devices, alarm systems, access control, armored equipment and outfit.

Defined as  " the meeting place of visionaries ", SECURITY EXPO creates conditions in which the companies from the CCTV sector get acquainted with systems offering extremely high resolution, infrared and mini cameras, video recorders and others. This is where the tendencies in fire detection and fire fighting can be followed. The IT sector, communications, data protection, Big Data ,are widely represented, as well as the ever faster-growing Universe of the so-called " "Smart buildings".

In parallel with SECURITY EXPO, from 7th to 10th March 2018 at Inter Expo Center there will be held the international exhibition Bulgarian Building Week.